In spring 2015, the University of Brighton were commissioned by Hastings Borough Council to produce an evaluation report for the ROOT 1066 festival.

Our interest was in understanding how individual audience experience could contribute to understanding the impact of the festival; and by extension how this could contribute to the national discourse around cultural value.

A significant report into Cultural Value commissioned by the AHRC, found: “What emerges from the Cultural Value Project is the imperative to reposition first-hand, individual experience of arts and culture at the heart of enquiry into cultural value.”(p7) In response to this challenge we are beginning to develop a framework, which we have called the LIVE approach: Learning about Impact & Value through Experience.

This toolkit uses the example of ROOT 1066 to provide a step-by-step guide to the process, protocols and resources to enable event and festival organisers to develop their own audience evaluation and take their own LIVE measurements. It is designed to be resource-light, integrated into wider planning processes and harness the considerable passion and energy of festival volunteers.

Experience LIVE together